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Astra Platycodon Trade Competition for best buyers with “Star” prizes

August 12, 2017

In April 2017 Astra Platycodon started off the new season with a complete make over and a new website, creating a new ‘outfit’ worthy of a Retail SuperStar.

Astra Platycodon remains unique, outstanding and reliable. She stands out with her star shaped flowers and good follow up of balloon-shaped buds, and thanks to the firm plant habit, she is easy to transport.

Well suited for modern mixed combinations (indoors or outdoors) and highlight patio containers, Astra is also the perfect gift for someone special or for decoration.

To get growers and buyers acquainted with the Astra Platycodon makeover, Sakata introduced a Trade Competition to find the best Astra buyers. During a three month period, all trade buyers of Astra Platycodon have the chance to win a € 300 voucher for a dinner at a top quality 3-Star restaurant within The Netherlands.

Buyers can sign up at their Astra grower, and growers can nominate their best, most loyal or favourite buyer for the winner of the month!

Last month Sakata presented the first award to the firm Eddie den Dekker. Marco de Ruijter, representative of Eddie den Dekker was surprised and delighted with the € 300 dinner voucher. Marco mentioned that Eddie den Dekker is extremely keen for the very first until the very last Astra’s of the season, “There is always a demand for Astra, but even a higher demand from our customers in France and Italy”.

We can’t wait to see who will earn the next two prizes as Astra ‘SuperStar Buyer’.

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